Sint Maarten...

Renowned for its rum, cocktails, pirates, sunsets, restaurants and various hidden treasures, Sint Maarten is one of the most exciting vacation destination. The little island in the North East Caribbean sea has many jewels and surprising stories.
Starting with the fact that this tiny island of 21 square miles hosts two different countries: Saint Martin which is part of France and Sint Maarten which is part of the Netherlands. There is no physical border, so people, cats and dogs can freely jump from one country to the next without passport.

Blue Bitch Bar Peace

We estimate that the island host 1500 dogs in 2012, which makes about 0.000025 dogs per square foot. This leave room for cats, and the dogs can benefit from a peaceful life sleeping in the afternoons under the warm Caribbean sun.

More about Sint Maarten? Check the Sint Maarten Official Tourism Office's Website.